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Tape Recovery Services

Tape Data Recovery is highly specialized procedure of data recovery and needs to be done with highly effective tape recover software or services. Due to complexity in tape cartridges design, reading, interpretation & extraction of data becomes more complicated and time consuming pocess.

We at Recover Data provice specialized Tape Recovery services to recover every inch of Tape Cartridge data. Our Tape Recovery Services proves to effective recovery services from AIT, DLT, DAT,LTO Tape Cartridges.

Tape Cartridges are the best form of backup as these are used to backup old files & folders and important files & folders. If these tape cartridges got corrupt and the user lost files from these tape cartridges. We recover data from tape cartridges if the data loss due to following reasons:

  • Heat, Fire, Sunlight, and Smoke Damage
  • Water and Humidity Damage
  • Impact Damage/Broken Cartridge
  • Overwriting
  • Damage from the Tape Drive
  • Damage as a Result of Aging (Past Warranty)
  • Damage Resulting from Exposure to Extreme Temperatures or Humidity
  • Internal Cartridge Mechanism Failing
  • Permanent Errors Residing Mid File
  • Accidental Data Deletion

In case your are facing any of the above situation, you need a specialized tape recovery services to recover & salvage vital data from damaged tape cartridges.

Send your tape drives to Recover Data Labs to recover data from tape cartridges.

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